Opening Qvevri Wines Season: A Timeless Georgian Tradition



In the lush valleys and rolling hills of Georgia, nestled among the fertile soils of the Caucasus Mountains, lies an ancient and fascinating secret. It is here where the country's rich wine-making history, dating back more than 8,000 years, is being preserved and celebrated through the traditional Georgian method of crafting qvevri wine. This May, Georgian wine producers will unveil their latest masterpieces by opening the qvevri that have been maturing beneath the earth's surface, inviting the world to partake in this rare and extraordinary experience.

The Qvevri Opening Process:

The qvevri, an egg-shaped terracotta vessel used to ferment and store wine, has long been a symbol of Georgian winemaking heritage. In early autumn, after the grape harvest, winemakers meticulously clean and sanitize the qvevri before placing the crushed grapes, skins, stalks, and sometimes seeds inside. The vessel is then sealed with a stone lid and buried underground, providing a stable temperature to ensure the wine's perfect maturation.

As the months pass, the wine undergoes a natural fermentation process, allowing it to develop its distinct characteristics and flavors. When the time comes to open the qvevri in May, local producers gather in a ceremony rich in tradition and celebration, carefully unearthing the vessels, and ceremoniously opening the lids. Wine aficionados, tourists, and enthusiasts alike converge on this occasion to witness the fruits of winemakers' labor finally being revealed.

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As such, the qvevri opening event is often accompanied by a traditional supra, a Georgian feast known for its warm, convivial atmosphere. During this lively occasion, friends, family, and guests gather to share in the bountiful offerings of local cuisine, complemented by generous servings of qvevri wines. As the celebratory feast unfolds, heartfelt toasts and songs honoring love, friendship, and the land fill the air, reinforcing the close-knit bonds between the people, their heritage, and the earth that sustains them.

While you may not have the opportunity to join the qvevri opening festivities in Georgia, you can still experience the rich, soulful flavors of these exceptional wines from the comfort of your home. Seek out Georgian wines through our website:, and bring a taste of this unique winemaking tradition and vibrant culture to your own table. Whether you are a seasoned oenophile or a casual wine enthusiast, a sip of these intriguing wines offers a window into a world steeped in tradition, passion, and the spirit of hospitality.

Cheers to a taste of Georgia's extraordinary heritage!