Tsitska-Tsolikouri-Krakhuna Qvevri 2019 | Baia's Wine

This wine has been made in the winemaking art of "Qvevri": a traditional Georgian practice consisting of fermenting the grape juice in an egg-shaped terracotta vessel (similar to an amphora) which is buried underground.

Winery: Baia's Wine

Type: Dry amber (13,5°), natural wine

Grapes: Tsitska 20%, Tsolikouri 60% Krachuna 20% 

Description: The aromas of persimmon, toasty notes, apricot and citrus fruit form a structured wine with a long and pleasant finish. 

Vinification: made 6 months in Qvevri with 15 days of skin contact

Recommendation: to taste around 14°C with poultry or rabbit, pasta in sauce or couscous