Baia's Wine

Baia's Wine

Under her young age, Baia already proves to be a reference in the rebirth of traditional Georgian wine. Along her sister Gvanca, both winemakers took over the legacy of their father who produced wine for personal usage only. They started commercialising their products in 2015 after 4 generations took care of the domain.

Baia Abuladze makes white wine from a winery located in Obcha in western Georgia. She breathes new life and energy into a region rich in history but whose wine traditions have suffered greatly during the communist period. She learned to make wine by watching her parents doing so and helping them out. She also includes some biodynamic practices where she can, such as the usage of the lunar calendar in her viticulture. The winery only makes natural wine where its vines are maintained manually in a rich ecosystem.

The region of Imereti, where her wines come from, is particularly different from the Kakheti at the East. Lighter wines, usually fruity and citrusy, are often made with a much shorter skin maceration (some leave it only during fermentation) and by using less chacha (about 10% to 30% of the skin). The climate is more humid and colder with a soil essentially made of clay and limestone. 

Baia is one of the few female winemakers out there in Georgia, launching a movement that we can only support. She appeared as a Forbes 30 under 30 and inspires a generation of young producers full of talents.

Discover her Tsitska-Tsolikouri-Krakhuna (orange wine) made in Qvevri.