Dakishvili Family

Dakishvili Family Estate
We don't need to present the Dakishvilis. After working for several wineries and founding its own ones, Gogi and his sons decided to focus on a more intimate domain under their eponym brand. Dakishvili Family Estate is a tribute to low intervention winemaking and viticulture while feeling the finesse and elegance of it's creators.
Situated in the village of Shalauri near Telavi in Kakheti, we found once again a hot continental weather from the region. Vines are planted at a relatively high altitude (at least 400 meters) with a younger age than what we can find at Teleda-Orgo. The yield is also smaller hence the limited production available. Vineyards are located on the slopes of the Kondoli Valley known for its unique micro-climate. The slopes provide for a good drainage, as well as an exposure to sun and cooler winds of the valley. These elements help in growing healthy vines with concentrated fruit.
It is with no doubt that Dakishvili's goal is to continue the legacy from its ancestors with an estate at human scale so that younger generations can honour winemaking traditions. The family did not abandon the divine love of wine and continued to produce wine after the family's knowledge was threatened by the Soviet Union during darker times. Today we can feel the results of such accumulation of experience while sipping their wine for the first time.
We are delighted to have in our selection their amber wine made out of 3 grapes in Qvevri.