Orgo Winery

Orgo is an artisan winery located in Eastern Georgia (Kakheti region) that specialises in the 8,000 year old Georgian Qvevri wine making tradition and sources all their grapes from vines of at least 50 year old. It is a project of the famous Georgian winemaker Gogi Dikishivili (winemaker founder of several major Georgian producers, including Teliani Valley, Mildiani, Vinoterra / Schuchmann) and his son, Temur Dakishvili.

Their several hectares of vines are characterised by an altitude of 450-550m high and by a soil essentially composed of black shale and clay-limestone. Orgo collects grapes in several villages of Kakheti. Their Saperavi, Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli grapes are harvested from the Kurdgelauri and Tsinandali villages in the Telavi district, on the right bank of the Alazani River.  This area has brown forest soils and carbonaceous hummus. The area has a drier climate, with cool nights and hot days during the pre-harvest season. 

All the vineyards are 50-80 years old, with lower yield - 1.5 kg of grapes per vine tree. Sourcing from older vines is a rare and difficult project in Georgia since during Soviet times most older vines were ripped up and replaced so as to increase production. The low yield of these older vines creates more concentrated wines, and an absolutely unique spectrum of taste.

Learn more about its Rkatsiteli made in Qvevri, one of the domain's amber wine.