About Us

Vades SNC is a wine distribution company based in Geneva, Switzerland. 
After closing a distribution exclusivity with a recognised establishment in Georgia, named Duruji Valley, Vades started its activities in Switzerland and neighbouring France.
The adventure results from the complicity of two wine lovers: Lucas Maliczak and Bertrand Dion. 
Bertrand is an entrepreneur who sold his company after managing it for 10 years. His many trips to Europe allowed him to discover the different wine regions and brought his love for wine.
Graduated from the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Lucas organised and presented wine tasting for nearly two years. After working in several entrepreneurial projects, he brings his expertise in business development and marketing.
Convinced that there is still a lot to discover from the vast world of viticulture, Lucas and Bertrand wish to share organic wines with a seal of quality and authenticity from one of the less known, yet most important wine regions in the world.
Among their selection of products, the most original and astonishing one is the Saperavi Qvevri, a wine made in Georgian amphora. Learn more about this unique way of production here
Lucas Maliczak Bertrand Dion