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Lucas Maliczak Bertrand Dion
There's really something special about Georgia. A feeling that one feels once abandoned in landscapes populated by valleys, vineyards and regions rich in biodiversity. A certain connection with nature, which is found in lands rich in minerals and nutrients, but also in a glass of Georgian wine.
Georgia is not called “the cradle of wine” for nothing. In addition to its historical context, namely the birth of winemaking over 8000 years ago, there is also a social context. There is an omnipresence of wine everywhere across the country: from the family garden with a few vines to the taxi driver making wine for his loved ones. When you have more than 500 indigenous grape varieties in the region, you understand why there is such a craze to ferment this sacred fruit and to share it around you.
Traditional manufacturing methods have not lost their wrinkle, quite the contrary. The most emblematic being the Qvevri, a kind of earthenware jar buried underground. A method that has earned him the inclusion to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. But more concretely, a method which gives the wine a most successful vinification: we avoid the acid sequelae left by fermentation in tanks or the woody side of a barrel, in addition to bringing some roundness to the wine.
And it's only the submerged part of the iceberg that is exposed here. We started to share the secrets of this little-known terroir through our company Vades with wines made in qvevri but also semi-sweet, as well as natural wines and amber wines.
Vades started its activities in Switzerland and neighbouring France. The adventure results from the complicity of two wine lovers: Lucas Maliczak and Bertrand Dion. 
Bertrand is an entrepreneur who sold his company after managing it for 10 years. His many trips to Europe allowed him to discover the different wine regions and brought his love for wine.
Graduated from the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Lucas organised and presented wine tasting for nearly two years. After working in several entrepreneurial projects, he brings his expertise in business development and marketing.
Convinced that there is still a lot to discover from the vast world of viticulture, Lucas and Bertrand wish to share organic and natural wines with a seal of quality and authenticity.
AND YOU, what do you know about Georgian wines?
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