Duruji Valley


Established in 1533, the vineyards of the estate grow on the flanks of the valley alongside the Duruji River, hence its name. It is in the heart of the most recognised wine region of Georgia, namely Kakheti (70% of the country's wine production), that the establishment is located.

The terroir is mainly composed of black shale, which gives the wine a degree of acidity, some minerality and softer tannins. A continental climate is found, in an environment surrounded by the altitude of the Caucasus mountains (from 500 m). The region also has the distinction of being located between two seas, the Black and the Caspian. The domain produces various wines of quality made in qvevris and from some of the wine distinctions (appellations) found in the country. Finally, it is important to note that some of the wines produced in the estate are aged in Caucasian oak barrels, resulting in more discreet woody notes than French oak.

The wines produced at Duruji Valley are organic. No pesticide or herbicide is used in the maintenance of the vines and the use of sulfur or other additives have been reduced. In addition, the processing of vines and the harvesting of grape varieties are done manually. Two grape harvests are traditionally made in Duruji Valley: the first to remove all that is not good and the second to harvest the grapes ready for vinification.