Artanuli Gvino

Artnauli Gvino
Located in the village of Artanuli, hence its name, the winery can be boiled down to a story between a father, Kakha Berishvili, and his daughter, Ketevan. A former artist, Kakha decided to make wine in 2006 and founded Artanuli Gvino. The wines consisted in respecting the Georgian tradition of the Qvevri method. 
All vineyards are farmed organically, and the vineyards are located within a mile of the cellar itself. Handling over few hectares of vine, black shale and clay-limestone soils can be found around the winery. Artanuli Gvino sits on the south slopes of the Caucasus Mountains in the northern part of the Kakheti region. The winery overlooks the rich Alazani River Valley, in perfect growing conditions for the local Saperavi and Rkatsiteli grapes.
It is in 2015 that Ketevan started helping his father, pursuing the same winemaking methods than Kakha. Her feminine touch can be sensed in the wine with concentrated aromas of fruits in the nose and on the palate. Her wines are already references of the Georgian terroir among connoisseurs of natural wine. Ketevan appeared on wine documentaries over various countries, such as this report made on French TV.
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